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(no subject) [Jun. 30th, 2006|06:42 am]
Man, Although Fridays are awesome because they are the last day of the working week, at the same time they are the worst. I have just woken up and I feel SO GODDAM TIRED. All the waking up early this week, plus work, plus training has made me as so exhausted...I can't WAIT for these 8 hours to be over with so I can sleep in tomorrow :D
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im fucked [Apr. 28th, 2006|06:09 pm]
ha, my boss says they've got a full crew at the moment, so i cant come back right now

i sure am fucked now :P
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(no subject) [Apr. 24th, 2006|12:05 pm]
So I just phoned up my old boss asking for my job back...can I just say that it was the scariest FUCKING think I have ever done in my life! I stood around pacing around my room, too scared to press the final button that dials his number, but I did it. The phone conversation lasted 1:27 according to my phone, without a doubt the longest 1:27 I have ever had.

this is how the phone conversation went

(ring ring)
hello whos there.
anita who?

no thats not what happened. heres how it really went. lets see how good my memory is.

him: (thick australian accent) hello
me: hi, is that kevin?
him: yep
me: this is kevin dennison, do you remember me?
him: do i remember you? (sarcasm) how are you doing?
me: yea im doing quite well, yourself?
him: im ok, what can I do for you
me: well im quite interested in coming back to work for you.
him: whats that?
me: im quite interested in coming back to work for you.
him: you are?
me: i am.
him: why the sudden turn-around?
me: (I just explained to him that I hated cleaning, I got job satisfaction from working where I used to and I miss it.)
him: well I ask the higher powers, I will get back to you about it.
me: well if it comes down to it, I would love to have a chat with you guys in person, coz i think i can make a convincing argument
him: ok, well let me get back to you on it.
me: you got my number?
him: yea i got it.
me: ok well thanks for that
him: no worries, see ya
me: see ya



i will be sure to update again when he phones back, hopefully its good news.
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I suck at life. [Apr. 18th, 2006|11:16 pm]

gay homosexual "have a cry" poof, toughen up, "put some harden up on it" whinge follows.


Yea I really think I shouldn't have acted so erratically in late Jan early Feb. I quit my very stable job to study Advertising, which was a risky thing to do...I didn't think it out well enough. I could have very easily have continued working where I was and study no problem, I complained that my work was controlling my life, but lets face it. I still ran my social life with no problems, I still went and performed comedy with no problems (sure I got home later and didnt have much sleep for one night), I still went to training, and all because the hours were awesome, 6.00am - 2.30pm, I still had time to go to the bank afterwards, NAP before I went to a show, catch prime time tv if I wanted to. I sometimes had to work overtime, but that just meant a maximum home time of 4.30pm, I could still have gone to training, shows if I wanted to, it would have just been a little more frantic. Working Saturdays sucked, I admit that, but seriously what else do people do between 6.00am and 12pm on a Saturday anyway, I made an extra $150 on those days for the week.

I assumed that I could jump into cleaning and earn a healthy living, wrong.
I assumed that I could easily get a job in advertising, wrong.
I assumed that Wal would still be left in The Biggest Loser, wrong.

As much as I said to everyone how much I hated my job, I loved it. When I said the people I work with are fuckheads...they are complete fuckheads but I love them, they are my mates. Sometimes I dream about work there. I don't think a day goes by when I don't think about work somehow. I look at the time, "oh its 10.53 am, it would be lunch in about an hour" or "9.30pm...that would've been my bedtime." I look at silly things like PS2 games and think, "Wow, the last time I played that I was still working at Hicrete". I kept my tape measure and my safety glasses...sometimes I smell the filthy tape measure just so it can remind me of work again. Its taken me a good 17 months to realise that I loved my job. I loved the people there. I loved the casual attitude. I loved the fucking stench that the place had. I loved getting cut by sharp pieces of steel. I loved getting burnt by fresh welds. I loved coming home stinking. I loved getting a beer out the fridge and slamming it down to quench my thirst the second I came home from work.

And I threw it all away because I was on my period.

I still want to get into advertising, but I am not living with out financial security. I am applying for a job at Clipsal as an Advertising Copywriter, if I don't get it I am phoning up my old boss, Kev and ask him for my job back. Hopefully they give me a second chance, I have seen people leave and come back so I am hoping they will cut me a little bit of slack. I was one of their hardest workers, my boss told that to my sister behind my back and told her not to tell me, but she did. I was always punctual...I worked every Saturday I said I was going to work and I worked 9 out of 10 Saturdays I was asked to...I only missed one Saturday, the Saturday before my last couple days when I was going through my period...and I always stayed back till 4.30pm when I was needed to.

Next year I will enrol in Award School, which is another Advertising Course, but for Creatives eg me. Thats only being held Juneish 2007, and I will work through it. After that I will start looking for jobs in the Advertising world, but KEEPING my job...if I am able to get it back of course.

I feel a little bit like a failure...I'm not...I just should have thought it out more thoroughly. I made quick snappy decisions, important decisions. I am inexperienced at life...but thats life, you're learn through your mistakes...I will never make quick snappy decisions ever again when it comes to my life.

If you have managed to read through all that, I thank you with all my heart and soul. I don't usually open myself out like this, but I needed to get it out, I needed to admit all that to someone. So thank you very much for being that someone.

Wish me luck :)
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(no subject) [Apr. 14th, 2006|10:37 pm]
i went to training for the first time in like 2 months last night...we were practising the 'clinch' or grappling...there was 3 of us, plus the instructor, i was sparring with the instructor and by sparring i mean he was practising stuff on me so he could teach the rest of the class at one stage we were grappling, then the next thing i know he's got a choke hold on me and im thinking that im gonna die. it hurt so much and now i got a bruise on my neck where his forearm was digging in....heres the proof, please give me sympathy and chocolate.

Image hosting by Photobucket
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(no subject) [Mar. 29th, 2006|02:37 pm]

Guess who's hot shit? If you guessed Kevin Dennison, congratulations. Gone are the days when I had to go to comedy shows and speak to the booking guy to get gigs...Now he phones me up giving me gigs, He's given me 3 new gigs now. I love it when hard work and commitment pays off. But the lesson of the story is that if you want to get somewhere in the entertainment industry you have to get your face seen, both on stage and off, going to show after show after show even when you're not performing, just to show the booking guy you're committed.
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(no subject) [Mar. 29th, 2006|12:38 pm]
So I am doing my Advertising course, I am about 4 weeks into it now, I am enjoying it quite a bit. I am doing two courses "Introduction to Advertising" and "Understanding the Creative Process". The Intro course is mandatory, after that you can go which ever way you want in the industry, I'm not interesting in doing Account Management so I am not going to bother doing the courses related to that department. Personally, I want to be in the Creative Department as a Copywriter, which is why I am doing "Understanding the Creative Process". Hopefully I can get a entry level job in a local agency or whatever, because some of the advanced courses require relevant work experience and I just don't have that at the moment. So anyway the courses are run once a week, 3 hour lectures plus assignments and homework and all that kind of stuff.

In the Introduction course all the people there are in the same age bracket (18-25) and on the same personality, which is cool. There is a girl there that I think is quite nice, we talk when we walk back to our cars, if I wasnt a wuss I'd ask her out, but then again I don't really know if she's got a boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance/fiancess/husband/wife. I know that she only finished school last year, so shes probably at most 18, im 21 so I'm not too fussed about age differences like that, but I draw the line at 18, but then again she seems to act more mature than a lot of people older than her that I know, which to me is what matters. For our major assignment in that course you have to partner up with someone, but the lecturer picked partners for us. There are 4 guys and 4 girls so he thought it would be cool to have guy/girl partnerships. So I'm thinking "Boy I sure do hope I get Courtney." So anyway he has a pile of the girls names on pieces of paper and guys names on pieces of paper that he draws at random. So he starts matching, "Ok so Courtney will be paired up with...." and I'm thinking "kevinkevinkevinkevinkevinkevinkevinkevin"......"Courtney will be paired up with.....Elliot."



The Creative Process one is cool, because we have to make our own Ads based on the Brief we are given, then we present them to the class and the get graded, I missed the first two lectures because of my Comedy commitments during the Fringe Festival so I had to jump in without any knowledge gained from the lectures, The Ads I presented were good in my opinion, the teacher said that the idea was good and it was different it just needed to be refined more, so that what I was saying in the Ad was relevant to the product, which is fair enough because I didn't refine it, I thought of the idea in my head and just ran with it. So with this weeks assignment I will think of the idea and then spend more time making it fit more with the product. The people in this class are much more diverse, I am probably the youngest one there, the oldest looks to be about 35 maybe. We had a guest speaker last night that used to do a lot of comedy writing for radios and sitcoms etc, before the class began I was sitting next to him and we were talking, I made the mistake of telling him that I was a comedian, because when he was giving his lecture he would pick on me a bit, because comics have to come up with ideas all the time and because I told him I was a comedian he knew that I could act a little bit and then got me to stand up infront of everyone (when I least expected it) and made me act out things just by word association...like he would say "doctor" and I would have to act like a doctor..."football player", "used car salesman" followed. Whats also unique about the people in this class is that they are all DIFFERENT, and some of them are very eccentric. Once I get comfortable with my surroundings I generally become the eccentric one, but they've had the luxury of bonding in the first two weeks while I was out performing.

Oh and I'm starting to run and exercise more everyday, I want to take my Muay Thai seriously and I don't want to crash during the training, so I am trying to get my stamina up. Running sucks, I try run 4kms but I can barely run 4 metres. Its not the most exciting way to exercise but at the same time it lets me think about stuff a lot, especially when I have to think up ideas for assignments and jokes.

AAAAAAAAAAAND. DJ Starscream is coming back to Australia!! But he's only doing the East Coast, which means that if I am going to go see him, I am going to have to travel, I have never been Interstate before, so it will be cool...I just don't want to go by myself though...anyone want to come with me? Where else would you get the opportunity to see a DJ perform in a club? Thats what I thought.

That is all.

XXX - Kevin
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(no subject) [Mar. 15th, 2006|02:02 pm]
i just made the shittest lunch....honey chicken and rice, except i think it should now be called shit chicken and shit.

my state final was last night, i didn't win but i'm not too fussed, it was a great experience and it makes me want to work harder at it...now i need to get a drink to get this shit taste out of my mouth.
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DISASTER! [Mar. 14th, 2006|10:07 am]
Just when I thought things were going great, calamity. My "Capital J - Jack Mode" vinyl has somehow warped...dare I risk the unwarping method? It involves to sheets of glass and an oven...I could either fuck it up completely or have it returned to me as flat as roadkill (presuming thats the flattest thing in the world of course.)
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(no subject) [Mar. 13th, 2006|01:32 pm]
Hooray, I made the State Final for RAW comedy. Those of you that are remotely interested in attending, here are the details, its tomorrow night:

14 March 2006
PJ O'Briens Irish Pub, East Terrace, City
Doors open at 8pm, show starts at 9pm.
$15 Entry.

Once again, tickets are limited, half have already been sold on Fringetix, so if you want to get in and get a seat, get their when the doors open.

Wish me luck :)
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